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Why You Should Refinance Business Debt


Since the recession, a growing number of banks refuse to secure small business loans, leaving a growing number of small business owners to find alternative ways to finance their startup companies. For many, the alternative has been using credit cards — a short-term finance option — to cover long-term business investments, resulting in more business owners finding themselves too deep in debt to grow their company. If you’re in a similar situation, it might help to know you can refinance business debt, which has several benefits.

It Could Improve Your Credit Score

When you consolidate your business credit card and any other short-term debt, the result is often a better credit score. This is because the consolidation reduces your credit utilization ratio. This ratio is how much credit card debt you have in comparison to your available credit, and it can affect your credit score by up to 30 percent. By lowering the ratio, you’re lowering the percentage of your score affected, resulting in a better number.

You Will See Lower Interest Rates

High interest rates leave you paying off debt for a longer period of time. If your interest rate is 10 percent and you have a monthly payment of $1,000, only $900 of the payment goes toward the actual loan amount. When you refinance business debt and decrease your interest rate percentage by even a few points, it adds up to the ability to pay your loan off sooner.

You Can Focus on Your Business

When you have short-term debt, slow sales or clients who are late to pay could leave you worried you won’t have your monthly loan payment. Because refinancing consolidates your debts into one long-term loan, you will have a lower monthly bill, leaving you with more working capital to put toward payroll, inventory or other important business necessities.

It Is Easier to Track

Maybe your company has been staying afloat with the help of multiple credit cards and merchant cash advances. If so, you probably realize the stress involved with remembering multiple payment amounts and due dates. When you refinance, you will only need to keep track of one payment amount, one due date and one interest rate, leaving you with time to focus on more important things.

If you’re tired of watching your business — and by extension, you — drown in debt, it’s time to find a solution. Refinance business debt to keep your head above water and gain the ability to further grow your business.

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